“It’s not the kids I’m worried about.”

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I don’t know if my marriage is strong enough to survive this virus.

If I get told I’m panicking because I’m simply preparing to feed and care for a house full of humans when the food is unavailable I’ll scream.

Mia Freedman’s thoughts on coronavirus. Post continues below.

Today I was told that no chemists in town have Ventolin. The woman who works at the chemist snuck me an emergency one when she found out how often I’m using mine.

If I didn’t get a Ventolin I’d be in hospital for sure.

It’s not the virus I’m worried about, it’s everything that’s falling down around it.

The interesting thing about this virus is that it’s not the kids I’m worried about, it’s not my husband or any of the other people we are used to putting in front of ourselves. This time it’s me.

I get asthma, I was hospitalised a lot as a kid but I’ve always responded well to medicine and I…

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