It’s OK If You Aren’t Productive During Isolation

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There’s pretty much no chance that you aren’t well aware of the social distancing our nation is tackling right now. It is a time of immense uncertainty and it is causing all of our lifestyles to completely shift from what we have always known. Days that were once filled with hectic commutes, schedules planned down to the minute, and mindless scrolling before bed has now become “What day is it?,” “Who is Tiger King?,” and, “Are you down to Zoom tonight?”

When this new normal all started, there seemed to be a universal thought process of “OK, great! Now I get all of this time to finally do what I’ve been saying I wanted to do for months, years even.” Suddenly social media feeds were filled with productivity galore. I would scroll through and see original songs being written and performed live in the matter of a day, photos of friends hard at work on their next big…

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