It’s Time to Loosen Visa Restrictions and Allow U.S.-Based International Healthcare Professionals to Help Fight COVID-19

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Can the coronavirus cure a broken immigration system? Can a pandemic change the anti-immigrant rhetoric that has been emanating from the White House for the last three years?  

It’s not likely to happen on a broad scale, of course. In fact, the scapegoating of immigrants may even get worse.

But many are hoping for positive immigration policy changes that will help immigrants who are working as healthcare professionals. 

Healthcare professionals—like so many other immigrant groups—face incredible visa restrictions, but all that could be easily relaxed to enable their desperately needed help in the COVID-19 battle. 

“International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are some of the most talented and educated physicians in the world—and some estimates say they make up roughly 29 percent of those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response.” Pictured: A healthcare…

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