Jackie O says this Popstars ‘joke’ wouldn’t make it to air today.

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1. “Everyone was laughing at it.” Jackie O on the Popstars ‘joke’ that wouldn’t make it to air today.

If you cast your mind back to the early 2000’s, you may remember a little singing competition called Popstars. The show came out two years before Australian Idol and was hosted by a fresh-faced Jackie O Henderson.

Earlier today, Jackie O recalled one moment from the show that would never be allowed to go to air today, during an interview with comedian Andy Lee on The Kyle and Jackie O Show. 

During one of the auditions, music executive Chris Moss was filmed quite obviously checking out one of the performers as she sang.

According to Jackie O,  it was “supposed to be a funny thing” involving Chris getting “busted” looking where he definitely shouldn’t be.

She only just realised how outdated the humour was after recently re-watching the footage.

“Everyone was…

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