Jane Kennedy fell from a tree. When she woke, she had amnesia.

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At first, she also couldn’t remember the current state of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My five kids were all home hovering over me and I was curled up like a strange cat on the stairs and I was talking gibberish saying, ‘Why are you all home from school?‘,” Kennedy said.

“They said, ‘mum because of lockdown, coronavirus’ and I go, ‘what’s coronavirus?’”

Kennedy’s children then called an ambulance which took her to hospital, where she later woke up in the trauma unit with her husband.

Thankfully, she has since been released from hospital and has gained back her memory, but is still recovering from a buckle fracture at home.

She also has a nuchal ligament tear and is required to wear a neck brace.

Overall, Kennedy said she was doing well and was likely to return to the radio from her home studio on Monday.

“I’m okay, I’m really sore, and I got a bit…

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