Just 6 bargains from the ALDI Special Buys May 2 beauty sale.

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Are these a rip off of the cult Olaplex products? 100 per cent. But to be honest, we’re still keen to give them a crack.

This kit includes a 100ml intensive repair treatment, 250ml maintenance shampoo and 250ml maintenance conditioner, and all the products contain ‘salon grade technology’ to seal hair bonds and restore damaged hair.

If you’ve got coloured hair or damaged hair from heat styling, it’s worth trying considering the three-piece Olaplex Bond Smoother Kit costs $125. Again, adjust your expectations to avoid disappointment.

These are ALDI’s version of the Sugarbear Hair Gummies spruiked by the Kardashians.

The retailer says their chewable vitamins are designed to increase hair thickness, length and strength, and prevent breakage. A full ingredients list isn’t available online but the ALDI website says they contain vitamin C, A and E, biotin, zinc and natural blueberries and…

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