Kate Beckinsale, Weinstein, and the “crimes that are not crimes”.

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More than 90 women came forward with accusations against Harvey Weinstein. After years — in some cases, decades — of open secrets and frightened whispers, those brave women exposed the ‘untouchable’ Hollywood producer’s pattern of sexual predation; from harassment and coercion, to assault and rape.

Their accounts were the bedrock of the #metoo movement, a global call for awareness, understanding and advocacy about sexual violence that finally created a climate for the Miramax boss to be prosecuted. Largely because of them, Weinstein, 67, was this week sentenced to 23 years behind bars for the 2013 rape of once-aspiring actor Jessica Mann and the 2006 sexual assault of TV production assistant, Miriam Haley.

To paraphrase Mann’s victim impact statement, the monster is out of the closet.

Listen: How 6 brave women brought down Harvey Weinstein.

With the truth of Weinstein’s…

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