KC and Drew have an awkward fight.

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Life wtf.


Drew tells the experts that KC’s idea of a relationship is being a “kept woman,” to which she doesn’t object, and he says he’s made a conscious effort in his life to stay away from status and money and fame.

Of course, that begs the question, why are you currently appearing on Australia’s trashiest reality show, but we digress.

Ultimately, Drew says he’s been matched with someone with different values, which KC disagrees with, because one of her values is ‘love’ (that’s not a value but okay).

The experts are speechless because they accidentally forgot about values, which was Mel’s job?? Or John’s job??? IDK.

They both decide to stay because honestly if people chose to leave simply because they didn’t get along/had nothing in common/didn’t think there was long-term potential, the show wouldn’t… exist.

The last couple are Josh and Cathy, who haven’t spoken since Josh…

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