Kristen Bell Says Mom-Shaming Pushed Her to Potty Train Her 5-Year-Old

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A few weeks ago, Kristen Bell, actress and mom of two, made headlines when she admitted on her show, “Momsplaining with Kristen Bell,” that her 5-year-old daughter still wore diapers. Now, she’s opening about why she’s pushing her daughter a little further on her potty training journey.

In a recent interview with Today’s Parent, while discussing their product line, Hello Bello Bell and her husband, podcaster and actor Dax Shepard, revealed that their younger daughter, Delta, is no longer wearing diapers. “You know what’s so funny? I started talking about it and people were like, ‘You have a five year old who’s still in overnight diapers?!’ And then it was, like, two weeks later that we pushed her a little farther,” Bell said.

Shepard clarified, however, that people actually mom-shamed her for it. “Yeah, that’s true. The Twitterverse was kind of mom-shaming me,…

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