Louis Theroux speaks out about his ongoing rivalry with Jon Ronson.

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“An enemy is negative and a nemesis is positive because it forces you to work harder,” he continued. “It’s neither one of our faults. It’s not like one of us ever stole ideas from the other one.”

“It’s not like one of us ever plagiarised the other one, yet time and time again over the decades we’ve done really similar stories.”

“Somebody wrote about this about 20 years ago, ‘isn’t it strange culture has brought up two people at exactly the same time whose brains work in exactly the same way’ – and they were talking about us two.

“That is going to have an impact on somebody, I suppose. If you suddenly find you have a doppelganger working in the same industry as you.”

Mamamia’s Clare Stephens interviews Louis Theroux about his approach to documentary making. Post continues below. 

During the interview, Theroux told Ronson that he was mentioned in his new…

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