Love Wedding Repeat reaction: Is it worth watching?

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Grab the popcorn.

Netflix has served us one fluffy romantic-comedy to satisfy your need for ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ entertainment this Easter long weekend and trust us, they have not disappointed.

In this wedding-less era of self-isolation, the film Love Wedding Repeat dishes out the bonkers drama we’ve all been so hopelessly deprived of. It’s like witnessing a drunken and disastrous wedding right in your living room. What more could you want?

In a sunny, Italian castle, the film follows Jack as he tries to salvage his sister Hayley’s wedding after a man from her childhood rocks up unattended and declares his undying love for her, threatening to ruin the ceremony altogether.

It basically a delicious cocktail of Wedding Crashers and Love Actually, but happening all in one day and with more… alcohol.

Watch: The trailer for Netflix’s new rom-com Love Wedding Repeat. Post…

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