Lyssa and Jason Tredgett have both been fired.

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Lyssa already struggles with anxiety. She’s been having cries here and there, when she can find somewhere in the house that isn’t occupied by someone – or someone’s little hands under the door.

“But then you’ve got to switch to fun mum mode and explain to them why we can’t go to the playground and try and not cry about that. I haven’t slept in four years as it is. Both my kids are up in the night, and I am still breastfeeding,” Lyssa told Mamamia.

Jason is busying himself with cleaning.

“He says everything is okay but he’s gone inside of himself,” said Lyssa.

“My house has never looked so clean,” she added.

The Tredgetts only moved into their dream house – one with a backyard for the boys – in January. Image: Instagram.

Scarily, the Tredgetts are just two of tens of thousands without work right now, all of whom are worried about how they’re going to keep a roof over their head and food on…

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