MAFS’ Lizzie and Seb confirm that they are not expecting a baby.

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The 32-year-old also called for people to be more appreciative of healthcare workers and the valuable work they do.

“Right now, your health care workers are working overtime for you. Putting themselves at risk for you. Getting no sleep for you. Going home crying for you. Coming out of retirement for you.

“After a huge day yesterday and seeing it first hand I felt the overwhelming need to mention it. Seeing patients abuse Drs, nurses, radiographers, receptionists and other staff for the waiting time and the ‘treatment’ they are getting is disgraceful.”

“I’ve had drs write to me saying they have to see certain patients now without the right protective equipment because of the shortage, because people are stealing it and over buying it when they don’t need it.”

She ended the post with a simple message we should all be noting right now, “Australia, we are better than…

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