MAFS’ Martha and Ines have reunited their old feud and wow, it got ugly.

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1. “Keep your mouth shut.” MAFS’ Martha and Ines have reunited their feud and wow, it’s got ugly.

It looks like we’re back in 2019 because Martha and Ines from Married At First Sight have reunited their feud – and this time they’ve taken things to a whole new level.

It all started (again) when Martha said in an Instagram live video that she would “rather have root canal surgery from now until the end of time” than ever speak to Ines or Jessika Power from MAFS again

In response, Ines shared a series of Instagram videos earlier today, blasting Martha’s “disgusting” behaviour.

“For over a year and a half, she’s (Martha’s) been dropping low blow, degrading, vulgar comments towards me and for whatever reason she decides to throw Jess into it as well,” said Ines in the Instagram video.

“For a woman who is a 31-year old, that’s not a woman to me, it’s…

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