MAFS’ Michael just dropped a hint about Stacey’s cheating scandal.

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Yesterday, the full phone conversation of the singers discussing Kanye’s ‘Famous’ song was leaked online,  suggesting that Taylor was telling the truth about never hearing some of the final lyrics. And now it appears Taylor has responded to the revelation in a very subtle way.

How you might ask?

Well, according to the Mail, the 30-year-old has liked a number of Tumblr posts that side with her in the original 2016 feud between herself, Kanye and Kim Kardashian.

“Taylor told the truth moodboard,” one of the posts read, which Taylor apparently liked.

She also liked a post that read, “Who was telling the truth the entire time?” alongside a picture of herself.

Image: Tumblr.

Now we’ll just have to wait to see if Kanye responds… only we’re thinking he won’t be so subtle.

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