MAFS star Cyrell has slammed this year’s brides, Stacey and Lizzie.

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“He kept going on and on and on,” said Carly “Steve was looking at me sideways, kind of embarrassed. Michael was ignoring me and directing all his attention to Steve.”

Apparently Michael then turned to Carly and asked, “I’m sorry, what are you doing here? Who are you?”

“I just said, ‘Oh, I’m Carly’. He said, ‘Yeah, but who are you?’ I said, ‘Oh, I was just talking to Steve because I was on MAFS as well on a previous season’. He just goes, ‘Ugh’, and turned his back on me.”

Things only got worse when Michael overheard Carly offered Steve the chance to be a guest on her podcast.

“He [Michael] said, ‘Everyone wants to speak to me at the moment, no one wants to speak to Steve’.

“And then he goes, ‘Actually, you know what I’ll do for you? Steve, I reckon the two of us go on her podcast together and I will split the fee 50-50 with you’. He goes,…

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