Man Lies About COVID-19 Symptoms to Be With Wife During Labor

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COVID-19 has disrupted life as we know it. With more people staying indoors and at home, many are missing out on milestones they may have been looking forward to, from senior prom to a college graduation ceremony to a wedding to the birth of a child. This was the case for a man who lied about his symptoms so that he could visit his wife in the maternity unit of a hospital in upstate New York.

The husband, who has been previously exposed to COVID-19, had gone to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester to visit his wife as she gave birth to their child. When questioned by the staff, he said he had not been exposed to COVID-19 and was in good health. The man only told the truth about feeling ill after his wife also began showing symptoms very soon after giving birth. Now, UR Medicine will begin taking the temperature of visitors to its maternity units.

“It was purely an honor system…

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