Masterchef winner on mental heatlh.

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This post deals with depression and anxiety. If you are struggling with your mental health, support is available via Lifeline. Please call 13 11 14.

Julie Goodwin, the season one winner of Masterchef Australia, has opened up about her struggle with mental health in an interview with The Sunday Project.

The interview comes after the chef told fans in February that she had spent five weeks in a mental health facility while struggling with anxiety and depression.

“On the surface I know I don’t seem to be depressed or anxious. I’ve denied it to myself for a long time, and certainly put a lot of energy into making sure it wasn’t obvious to the people around me,” the 49-year-old wrote in a Facebook post.

Watch: Julie Goodwin talks about work life and motherhood. Post continues below.

The mother-of-three described the feeling as being “trapped under a wet woollen blanket and…

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