Meet the Woman Behind Electric Car Innovation at GM

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As someone who doesn’t own a car of any kind, an electric car feels like something that’s especially out of reach. Whenever I do buy a car of my very own (not something I’m planning to do anytime soon because I live in a walkable area with lots of public transportation and ridesharing abilities if needed), I don’t know what I’ll choose. But it’s not unlikely that I’ll be interested in keeping my options wide open. Sure, maybe I end up with a car with which I’m already pretty familiar, but who knows—an electric car may very well be on the table.

Kelly Helfrich is someone who believes that the future of cars is electric. And in her role at General Motors, she gets to play a role in developing the infrastructure needed to make using electric cars easier, from her Bolt and beyond. We connected with Kelly about what it was like moving from a small company to a big…

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