Modest Fashion is Not Just for Muslims

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I’ve loved dressing up and trying new styles of clothing ever since I was a little girl. For as long as I can remember, my sisters and I would spend hours rummaging through our mom’s closet, dressing up (even in her traditional clothing) and walking our imaginary runaways, cheering each other on. 

I am a Muslim, and when I decided to wear the hijab, one of the very first challenges I knew I was going to face was finding my style that incorporated modesty, one of the religious requirements that comes with putting on the hijab. That included wearing clothing with long sleeves, full pants, and that were loose and opaque. It was so hard to find clothing that checked all the boxes and still looked chic at the same time. I started to hate summer because I could not find any tops that were light and breathable. My love affair with fashion quickly began to grow complicated. 

With the…

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