Moms May Be Able to Smell Their Child’s Development, Study Says

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Most everyone is familiar with that sweet, new baby smell. But now, according to a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, moms may actually be able to smell their children’s development—and it may play a key role in the mother-child relationship.

The study looked at 164 blindfolded German moms. The researchers gave them each clothing samples of their own kids, as well as clothes from four unfamiliar, sex-matched kids who varied in age, ranging from infanrs to 18 years old. The clothing samples consisted of onesies or t-shirts the children had slept in for one night. The study found that moms were able to pick out the developmental stage of a child that wasn’t their own with an accuracy rate of approximately 64 percent, scoring higher when they were smelling their own child. They also scored higher when identifying the odors of children who had not yet hit…

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