More Parents Are Turning to Cloth Diaper Businesses Due to Shortages

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Nationwide shortages continue due to COVID-19 outbreak. People are experiencing empty store shelves and cancelled online orders, and many parents are desperate for baby essentials, including diapers. With disposable diapers harder to find, many caregivers are turning to cloth diapers—an industry that’s seen some serious growth in the past few weeks.

Diaperkind, co-founded by Liz Turrigiano in 2009, is a cloth diaper delivery and cleaning service, while Esembly, a startup also co-founded by Liz Turrigiano a few months ago, is a line of organic and reusable diapers, as well as skincare and laundering products. Both have seen “skyrocketing growth” Turrigiano tells TODAY. “It’s just been like, ‘Holy heck, what is happening?’” she said. “In the past week everything’s been turned on its head… Our revenue has grown by 300% in the past five days.”

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