‘My boyfriend drugged me and I didn’t know until his new GF called me.’

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But I couldn’t press publish yet — I felt ashamed of my words, worrying they were somehow “wrong.”

It’s been a couple of months since then, and I still feel unsure. Yet, despite my self-doubts, I’m choosing to share my story with the world.

His name made me nauseous.

I met Tyler on a humid September night at a party, only a month after beginning university. He stood over a foot taller than me, and his smile reached his eyes. His body was firm and muscular. When he winked at me, I swear my whole body lit up.

Tyler was my first. He promised I was his second. I was drunk and hesitant, but he convinced me; after all, this was university— this was adulthood.

I woke up horrified the next morning, even though I tried to feel happy about it. I mostly just felt sick.

Still, though, it was empowering to know someone desired me. For the first time, I felt unique, worthy, valuable. When…

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