My Brother Is Quarantined in Wuhan, China. He Helped Me Prepare.

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“Instead of our government passing blame to China to cover their ineptitude,” writes Armstrong, “try looking to China to see what they did right.” Pictured: Two reporters in Wuhan, China, on February 16, 2020. (Studio Incendo)

Seven years ago, my brother moved to China—specifically Wuhan—to work on his Ph.D. in Geology. Missing American style beer, he started to make it in his home kitchen, which lead to him opening a brewery and restaurant.

He stands out in China with his big brewer’s beard, towering at least five inches over most of the population. His life was so busy. We could go for a month without talking.

But soon our calls became more and more frequent. Rumors were circulating.

On January 10, he told me that an unknown flu was spreading throughout the city and the brewery had to close. It started fast—public confusion, media misinformation and…

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