‘My close friend is dying of cancer during COVID-19. This is how it’s going.’

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I know how quickly things can change with cancer, one minute it feels like a reprieve, and then suddenly it’s all over. I sent a text, “What did the husband bring for dinner?”

The reply came soon after, “Maccas”. I laughed. And then there was nothing for the rest of the day.

It was unusual but I also know how the later stages of cancer can mess with the body clock. That night I sent a message, “Text me that you’re ok, no need to chat.” No reply.

The next morning, still no text. I couldn’t help myself. “Awake?” No reply.

I start to think the worst and curse myself that despite my experience with death, I was so stupid to have my last words with Jules to have been about Maccas.

I should know better but that’s the thing about death, even when you know it’s coming, you still think there will be time to say what you want to say.

Two hours later the word ‘Yep’ appears on my…

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