My elderly father passed away. I’ve put my grief on hold.

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Human contact, just a gentle touch or someone to pass the tissue while you have a good cry, they are things we take for granted. And when they are taken from us… my emotions are not functioning as they should.

So, finding myself at a loss, for my dear dad and the situation at hand – I headed to Aldi, parked the car and waited in line for a loo roll. I’d been very adamant that I wouldn’t be drawn into panic buying and had been avoiding the day, but three weeks later we were almost out – so that’s what I did.

It was like an out-of-body experience, it felt like I was looking down on myself elbow to elbow as I shuffled through the supermarket aisles and grabbed a four-pack of three-ply and some pasta as other customers whooped and cheered with their own shopping success.

Standing in line, I listened to others complain about holidays they wouldn’t be taking, trips that would be…

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