My experience losing my father to COVID-19.

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Other friends have sent me baked goods and brought me care packages from Kmart (another vice of mine) and my work partners from Facebook – whom I’ve never even met in person – sent me a portal to be able to call my family properly and further confuse my poor mother.

Humans helping humans. F*ck yeah.

The universe is real.

I can feel my friends cringing at my granola-ness as I write this, but this week I’ve been sent more bizarre little signs and happenstances and peace offerings than I was ever prepared for.

I won’t bore you with the whole list, but I will say the fact that Bob Dylan released his first song in eight years on the day before my dad got admitted to the ICU is nothing short of a miracle.

My dad was obsessed with Bob Dylan – a passion he passed onto his two daughters along with history, sports, travel, and the Chicago Bulls and Cubs. He’d told me in his own words…

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