My Path to Earning a Full-Time Blogging Income

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I know I talk about blogging A LOT. But there’s a reason for it, and that’s because blogging has been a lifeline for me.

You know how some people know what they want to do from a very young age? Yeah, that wasn’t me. I thought about being a teacher, flight attendant, artist, secretary, and model (really?) — but I didn’t have a strong pull in any one direction. Even when I got to high school, I was still clueless about what career path to take. All I knew for sure was that I’d attend college and hopefully earn at least $30K a year!

My Path to Earning a Full-Time Blogging Income

My College Years

I started my college journey off at Austin Community College, where I took my core classes and many sociology and psychology classes. When I transferred to the University of Texas, I planned on getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. But the universe had a different plan for me, as my application to the school of social work was…

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