Nadia Sawalha leaves fans in stitches as she shares hilarious topless pic

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Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha left her social media followers in stitches yesterday.

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Taking to Instagram the chat show’s cheeky panellist shared a rather hilarious photo of herself baring her entire bra and pulling a confused expression.

Beside the almost X-rated image, the former EastEnders actress explained she was left baffled and in fits of laughter when her friend sent it to her.

She wrote, ‘What the hell ?! What was I thinking?! My mate just sent me this blast from the past pic with about 100’laughing emojis !! I must admit the look on my face is priceless ! Anyway hopefully it gives you a giggle too!

What are you up to tonight ? Can’t even remember what I used to do on a Saturday night before I had kids ? #stayingintonight #saturdaynightvibes #funnyphotos #bras #caughtout #curvywoman #bored? #blastfromthepast,’ the mum-of-two added.

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