Natasha MAFS 2020 on her experience on the show.

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“Another example is that the reason I didn’t want to go to one of the dinner parties was because Hayley had a plan to attack me. I think leaving stuff out like that which shows people’s intentions is unfair.”

On this season of MAFS, Natasha believes that many of the other participants were misrepresented or unfairly edited throughout the series.

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“I liked Lizzie when I met her but I think it’s really unfortunate that a lot of stuff got edited out. I know that there were glasses that got smashed because of how quickly she jumped up [at the girls’ night],” she said.

“I thought that Vanessa’s edit was not true to her at all. There were a lot of people that didn’t get the air time to show their real personality, which I think is really disappointing.

“[I was disappointed]…

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