New York Agrees to a Suffrage Referendum (March 14, 1916) – Ms. Magazine

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March 14, 1916: The resilience of the suffrage movement has never been more in evidence than today.

PHOTO: The New York State Capitol, in Albany, constructed between 1867 and 1899.

Just over four months after the biggest setback in the history of our cause, when suffrage referenda in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts went down to defeat between October 19th and November 2nd, the campaign is back on track, and well on its way to another vote in New York next year! 

Today, the Assembly of the nation’s most populous State agreed to put a new suffrage referendum on the ballot, and did so not by a razor-thin margin, but by an overwhelming vote of 109-30. Though the State Senate must still consent, and the Senate Judiciary Committee is blocking the referendum bill, vigorous lobbying of legislators and large public protests are expected to dislodge it….

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