NYC Mom Finally Meets Son Born While She In COVID-19 Coma

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Coronavirus has affected the birth plans of pregnant women across the nation—including Yanira Soriano, from New York City, who finally got to meet her 12-day-old son.

Yara was admitted to the Southside Hospital in NYC earlier this month at 34 weeks pregnant because she was having trouble breathing. After receiving a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, her doctors put her into a medically-induced coma and placed her on a ventilator. She gave birth to her son, Walter, while in that coma on April 3 via c-section.

Soriano didn’t meet her baby until 12 days later on Wednesday, April 15. While she had been taken off the ventilator on Monday, April 13, she had to wait two days to be discharged from the hospital. It was only afterwards that she was able to hold her baby for the very first time.

“In most instances, you’re awake when you deliver the baby and you can bond with the baby right…

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