One Mom’s Take on How Life Changes During Pregnancy

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Katlyn Eggar, St. Charles, Illinois

I wish I knew…about the strange symptoms that go beyond nausea and cankles.

I knew about morning sickness and swollen feet, but no one told me my eyesight could change, that I could have a permanent change in shoe size, or that I might have sinusitis off and on for months! The symptoms are weird, but it’s all so worth it every time you hear the heartbeat at a doctor’s appointment or see baby’s sweet face on the ultrasound.

I wish I knew…how important budgeting would be.

My husband and I rearranged our spending to make sure we had a margin in our budget for child care, so that I could return to work a few days a week instead of full-time after the birth. I used an online community that uses background checks to source our wonderful nanny. She even watches the baby while my husband and I go on weekly date nights.

I wish I knew…that…

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