Our Editors’ Favorite Sneakers for All Year-Round

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There was a point in my life that I wasn’t a sneaker person. I had one pair of blush Adidas Swiftruns that I wore when I wanted to be casual, but lived under the notion that wearing a pair of sneakers with my real outfits would make me feel sloppy and frumpy—but if you saw my closet now, you’d laugh at the fact that that was ever my stance.

Our Associate Editor Beth said it perfectly couple of months ago: I own a million pairs of white sneakers, and all of them have only slight differences—but I can’t stop buying them. A casual office dress policy made me start wearing them on my long walks during my commute, and now I love how they make every single outfit feel: effortless and all-around cooler. Take, for instance, jeans and a leather jacket. Pair them with booties and it’s cute—but pair them with a cool pair of sneakers, and it’s a whole damn look.

Sneakers have…

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