Pajamas Are Clothes Now—Here’s How to Look Put-Together Without Wearing a Blazer

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When most people are preparing for their freshman year of college and living in the dorms, they buy bed-risers, mattress pads, and anything and everything to organize those tiny closets. I, on the other hand, bought pajamas. (OK, to be fair, I obviously also eventually bought all that other stuff, but PJs were first on my list.) 

I’ve always been a pajama girl. I like to look nice when I’m around other people for the most part, so if I’m going to hang around you in my PJs, I want cute ones. I also tend to get uncomfortable in my pajamas quite easily, so they’ve got to feel soft, and a little luxury doesn’t hurt anyone. So, you’ll know I was elated when I realized my favorite pieces in my closet are basically considered the normal clothes we wear every day now. 

Soma is known for their expert-fitting, comfortable bras, but their loungewear and pajamas are everything I…

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