Pandemic’s Racial Disparities Require Government Action

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When my parents first came to the United States from Vietnam, it was the prospect of rebuilding a life here to support our family that fueled them.

This refugee hustle, materialized through opening a nail salon and working seven days a week so my siblings and I could go to college, is the legacy I carried with me as I walked up to receive my diploma from Stanford. But this American Dream did not take into account that identifying as Asian/Pacific Islander in the United States means facing xenophobia and racism—even where we live in the Bay Area.

COVID-19 has not only re-surfaced this discrimination, but has also highlighted other inequities within Asian American communities. In this time when we are facing record unemployment and xenophobia in the midst of a pandemic, I’m thinking of the harm the Model Minority Myth has done to mask income inequalities and health…

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