Pediatricians Are Worried About the Vaccination Drop Due to COVID-19

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The pandemic is affecting every part of life as we know it, and, unfortunately, in some cases that’s including newborn care—and there’s one aspect of it that has pediatricians concerned across the globe: immunizations. In recent weeks, immunization rates have dipped lower and lower and experts worry some of these diseases may make a resurgence.

According to a statement issued by the Measles & Rubella Initiative—whose members include UNICEF, WHO, CDC, the American Red Cross and others—this month, over 117 million kids across 37 countries might have to miss out on their measles vaccine due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Internationally, immunization programs in several countries, including Mexico, Nigeria and Cambodia, have already been paused.

On a national scale, The New York Times reports that data from PPC, a pediatric electronic health records company, shows that during the…

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