‘People aren’t able to get the care they need.’

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I work as a palliative care doctor in NSW. A large percentage of my work is treating patients who are at the end of their lives, keeping them comfortable – as well as complex psycho/social/bio symptom management. The patients we see are still primarily those suffering terminal cancers, and almost all of my patients are, at any given point, sick enough to die.

In Australia at least, we generally have (geography dependent) decent palliative care, and the majority of people under our care are comfortable when they die. Most die comfortably. Most do not suffer. Those who do have symptoms to address, we treat – with medication for pain, for nausea, for breathlessness, for anxiety, for a whole host of things.

Your COVID-19 questions answered by Mamamia’s Claire Murphy. Post continues after video. 

What does this have to do with COVID-19? The introduction of a pandemic changes the way…

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