People visit family members through windows.

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Image: Reddit.

Speaking to local media organisation KOLD, as reported by CNN, Boyd said the visit was “very special”.

“I just put my hand on the window, and he put his there too. I just told him I love him, and he said, ‘I love you, too, and I hope to see you soon,’ like really see you’.”

Like Boyd, others worldwide are worried about visiting their grandparents, parents or partners in aged care facilities.

On Tuesday, Channel 9 spoke to Melbourne woman Satura Haire who usually visits her mother, who is dying of aggressive brain cancer, every morning at her facility.

However, the facility has restricted access to visitors, leaving Haire worried about seeing her mother and fearing she could rapidly deteriorate.

“I’ve been told no visitors,” she told 9News. “She has declined quite a bit since October. It’s all going to change when she can’t see me.”

Meanwhile, aged care workers have been…

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