Periods Don’t Stop for a Pandemic—But They Can, Says Pandia Health’s Dr. Yen

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Faced with a shortage of options, here’s an option: Stop your period. (Marco Verch)

In addition to toilet paper, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes, COVID-19 panic purchasing is causing a shortage of pads and tampons.

Unsurprisingly, this hoarding is disproportionately affecting low-income women and girls, who—even before a global pandemic—cannot afford to purchase adequate supplies like the wealthier can.

Pre-pandemic, some girls and women were able to rely on a steady stream of free menstrual products: At the urging of feminists, several local and state governments—from Massachusetts and New York City, to Illinois to and California—had already begun to address this issue by introducing and passing laws that provide free products for girls and women in homeless shelters, prisons and public schools.

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Thirteen states have laws that require jails and prisons…

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