Pete Evans’ coronavirus cure, and the other celebs peddling myths.

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Speaking to Mamamia about these types of claims, Dr Brad McKay explained, “When gaps appear in our knowledge, people try to fill those gaps. People survive when the gaps are filled with science, but when the gaps are filled with pseudoscience, people die.

“Intelligent people in white lab coats are working hard to come up with answers, but answers aren’t instant,” he added. “Researchers need time, funding, and resources before they are able to provide us with the information we need.”

The above are just a handful of the celebrities spreading misinformation about coronavirus. There are many, many more.

So let’s get something straight:

Coronavirus is not caused by 5G, alternative medicine will not cure you, and a vaccine is vital in our fight out of this pandemic.

Make sure you’re getting your information from the experts – not your favourite celebrity.

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