Pro-Choice Candidates Like Marie Newman, Others Prove Reproductive Health is a Winning Issue at the Polls – Ms. Magazine

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While the coronavirus crisis has prompted states to postpone primaries and thrown into question how voting will proceed in the coming months, the primary results so far suggest that pro-choice candidates are in a strong position to increase their numbers in the House come November.

Last week, in a huge victory for reproductive freedom, Marie Newman defeated Dan Lipinski—one of the last anti-abortion rights Democratic House members—in Illinois’ third Congressional district. Newman is all but assured of victory in November in this solidly Democratic district.

Pro-Choice Candidates Score Wins in 2020

Newman’s win was just one of several victories for pro-choice candidates in the 2020 cycle. Illinois’s pro-choice delegation could increase even more in November, when Betsy Londrigan Dirksen will go up against a vulnerable anti-choice Republican incumbent in a…

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