Protect Women on the Front Lines of COVID

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With America’s disproportionate numbers of low-income and minority populations sick and dying of COVID-19, analysts and commentators have been quick to correct any initial misimpression that the global pandemic might be a “great leveler,” rampaging indiscriminately across class lines. 

But the notion should not be dismissed so readily. In fact, the pandemic has proven to be a great leveler—of rich and poor nations alike, for their stingy, dismissive treatment of women, whose labor actually makes their countries run. 

I speak of those who grow and pick our food and bring it to market, and the vendors and grocery clerks and cooks and servers who bring it to table; I speak of the teachers we entrust with our children, and the health practitioners, emergency workers, and caregivers we entrust with our and our loved ones’ lives; I speak of the pharmacists and

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