Protect yourself at the supermarket.

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Research has shown, though, that porous surfaces are much less likely to hold viable amounts of the virus: “On fibrous and absorbent surfaces such as cardboard, paper, fabric and hessian, it becomes inactive more quickly,” Assoc. Prof. Mackay and Dr Arden explained.

How can I minimise risk while at the supermarket?

Major supermarkets have dedicated staff to regularly sanitising returned trolleys and baskets. But if you’re particularly concerned, wipe down handles before and after use.

Cathy Moir, Chair of the Food Safety Information Council, also advises that you don’t put unpackaged fresh fruit and veg directly into your trolley or basket. “Use the plastic bags provided for your fresh produce. Don’t handle produce items and put them back for others or taste test the grapes, as you touch your mouth with your hands,” she said.

As with any public outing, maintain physical…

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