Put The Scissors Down: Change Your ‘Do Without Bangs

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My very close and lovely friend Sarah has been chronicling her stay-at-home woes in our group chat over the past few days, and after a long discussion, she told us she was tempted to cut her bangs. Immediately, the rest of us said, “NOOOOO,” “ABSOLUTELY NOT,” “Sarah you will regret this”—you know, everything you say to a friend about to make a huge mistake. I’m all for making a change—heck, I dyed my hair every color possible before I was even 18. Dying or cutting your hair gives you a brand new feeling not many other things can provide. I mean, there’s a reason post-breakup haircuts are a thing. 

But there are ways to make a change without hacking away at your hair with a pair of craft scissors. We will see our hairstylists and colorists again, and if they catch that box dye or a botched haircut, fixing it might be quite costly. Make your stylist (and your…

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