Race and Isolation in the Time of Corona

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“Although it was my goal to have my daughter interact with children of all backgrounds, it was particularly important to me that she make friends with other black children,” James writes, “to have experiences where she wasn’t always ‘the only one.’” Pictured: A vigil for Brian Quinones, shot and killed by police in Minneapolis on September 7, 2019, a. (Fibonacci Blue)

We call it “Hullabaloo” because when all the families arrive—most with two to three children—it gets pretty loud. 

Our playgroup started eight years ago when I emailed seven friends to suggest a monthly playdate.  We would rotate hosts, and at the meet-ups, each family was to bring one drink and one snack to share. 

Ours would function like any other playgroup, but with a particular defining characteristic: the playgroup is for black children and their families.  

In these strange…

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