Reprisal TV show review and where to watch it in Australia.

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While watching Reprisal, it’s easy to draw similarities to the TV world we’ve come to know and be shocked by in The Handmaid’s Tale, and not just because the two shows share the same executive producer in famed TV powerhouse Warren Littlefield.

Both Reprisal and The Handmaid’s Tale center their stories on female characters who are shaped through extreme acts of violence and violation, and forced to fight back in a male-dominated world, where their actions must become just as ruthless as the men who are hunting them in order to survive.

While Reprisal is much lighter fare than The Handmaid’s Tale, thanks to its more humorous edge, it still includes some extreme scenes of violence mixed up with slow-burn dramatic turns, set against a background of vibrant sets and costumes.

In the first episode of Reprisal, we see Doris face off against local mob boss Big Graham (Ron Perlman) who…

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