Researcher Is Studying Effectiveness of Breast Milk Against COVID-19

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A researcher from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City is in search of spare breast milk.

Rebecca Powell is a human milk immunologist looking to find out if breast milk has the power to protect babies—and even adults down the line—from COVID-19. A few days ago, she issued a call for it on social media. Since then, she’s heard from a surprising number of women.

“There’s a lot of lactating people out there that are getting infected and would be ready and willing to donate milk. I can tell you because I have hundreds of emails from people who want to participate, and many of them have said they had highly suspected infection or a positive test,” Powell told VICE News in an interview. “They’re out there, and I don’t think it should be overlooked.”

Breast milk has long been believed by the AAP and many other experts to protect against a variety of…

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