Rest in Power: E. Margaret Burbidge, Trailblazing Astronomer and Astrophysicist

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The astronomer who taught us we are all made of stardust has passed away after celebrating her 100th birthday on August 12, 2019.(Sky and Telescope)

E. Margaret Burbidge, renowned astronomer, died at her home in San Francisco on April 5 at 100 years of age. A trailblazer for women, Burbidge was pushed boundaries and faced immense gender discrimination throughout her extraordinary career. 

Burbidge was born in Davenport, England in 1919. She earned her Ph.D. from London Observatory in 1943.

Burbidge conducted her PhD research during the World War II years. Between wartime duties, she observed Gamma Cassiopeiae at the University of London Observatory in Mill Hill Park. While observing on the night of August 3, Burbidge was twice interrupted by bombs exploding nearby—but neither incident rattled her, as is clear from her notes. (University College London Observatory)


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