Roundup: State by State, Here’s Where Abortion Restriction Battles Stand

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Below, we break down the latest in these coronavirus-era abortion battles, state-by-state. Pictured: A May 2019 “Stop Abortion Bans” rally in St Paul, Minnesota. (Lorie Shaull)

As most states halt nonessential surgeries to create capacity for a rush of COVID-19 patients, governors and other state officials across the U.S. have been deciding whether abortion care is an “essential” health-care service.

Abortion Bans Enacted

Lawmakers in the following twelve states have tried to ban abortion by classifying it as a non-essential procedure: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia.

Legislators in Kentucky passed a bill to allow the Attorney General to block abortion access during COVID-19, but the Kentucky governor vetoed the bill.

Abortion Bans Lifted

Courts have blocked the bans in…

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